As an associate of business operations, Gunnison assists the firm with asset movement, preparing investment documents, and audits, particularly related to Crestone access vehicle accounting. 

Prior to joining Crestone, Gunnison was a bookkeeper at Gravity Renewables, Inc., a Boulder based hydroelectric power generator, where he managed balance sheets and accounts receivable for 17 plants, as well as executed systems for payroll and purchase orders.

Gunnison received his Bachelor of Science in accounting from Metropolitan State University of Denver and his Associate of Arts with a business designation from Red Rocks Community College.

What do you love most about being part of Crestone?
How well they take care of their employees. I can certainly confirm that Crestone will go above and beyond to make sure you are in the best working environment in which you can be.
What are you passionate about personally?
The one thing I am most passionate about is my family and making sure they have everything they need. My career has always been a means to the end of taking care of my family – being the best husband and father I can be.
How should people/clients view their wealth?
My view on personal wealth has remained relatively the same since I was young, and it boils down to two concepts:

1) Every purchase must have an explicit purpose and timely usage;
2) If you can’t pay for it in cash, you shouldn’t buy it until you can (with rare exception).

I grew up in a poor and large family, so frugality was a big part of my upbringing. Since age 10, I have had to work to pay for anything I wanted or needed. I worked through college and graduated with zero debt. My wife and I bought a house at 24 on a single income with a child because we kept those two basic concepts at the forefront of our financial decision making.