As Executive Director of Investment Research, Miles plays an integral role in the firm's overall sourcing and diligence of new investment opportunities, as well as ongoing investment monitoring. Miles focuses primarily on alternative investment strategies across public and private markets.

With more than a decade of investment experience, Miles is a co-Portfolio Manager of Crestone’s investments in private equity, venture capital, distressed municipal bonds, hedge funds, and commodities. He established Crestone’s Bay Area office in 2015 to expand Crestone's network in the financial hub of the West Coast. In addition, Miles interacts with clients to educate them on Crestone’s research process and their portfolio of investments. 

Prior to joining Crestone in 2010, Miles was a project manager at IHS Markit (FKA Wall Street on Demand) in Boulder, Colorado. While there, he managed client relationships with several leading international brokerage firms and was responsible for directing internal teams of engineers to deliver new customer-facing market research and trading products. Before this, Miles was an intern at BlackRock Alternative Advisors in Seattle, Washington, responsible for assisting with hedge fund manager research.

Miles earned his B.S. degree with an emphasis in Finance from the University of Colorado. Miles was an NCAA Division I student-athlete on the University of Colorado Ski Team (2004-2008) and a Team Captain of the 2006 NCAA Champion team. He is also a CFA® charterholder.

Miles serves on the Crestone Investment Committee.

Miles also represents the limited partners on the advisory boards of several private investment funds.

What do you love most about being part of Crestone?
The people I work with and the clients we serve. The Crestone Collective is one of the most intellectually stimulating groups of people I have had the pleasure working with. The pride our team takes in their job, the level of accountability, and the work hard, play hard culture is truly something I cherish
What do you love to do outside of work?
I have always loved the outdoors and playing sports competitively, and the same is true for my wife. While these are still a big part of my life on a personal level, the opportunity to share these activities with our two kids has brought new joy to my time outside of work.
What is the most influential book you've read?
It is hard to crown the most influential book I’ve EVER read, but one that has had a big impact on me in recent years is Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. The principles outlined in the book “reject the idea that we can fit it all in. Instead, it requires us to grapple with real trade-offs and make tough decisions.” This lens often helps frame difficult conversations and business objectives, especially in the context of high performing investment business.