Crestone serves a community of clients who represent a mix of entrepreneurs, CEOs, founders, multi-generational families, and family foundations. Each client brings a unique set of goals and financially sophisticated needs that continually push us to expand our definition of what’s possible. The collective group of clients helps us expand our global network of investment managers, advisors, business leaders, and collaborators who help us uncover unique and timely opportunities.

We have built our firm to serve a special kind of client—people who engage deeply in their financial planning, and who expect exceptional service, specialized expertise, and unbiased advice. With a nearly 2:1 client-to-employee ratio, we are focused on delivering a level of service designed to exceed client expectations.

A community of clients

Crestone clients are accomplished people who actively participate in the community. Through our forums, conferences, and informal gatherings, we create opportunities that allow people to collectively explore what’s next, and share the experiences, insights, and connections that fuel each other's success.

Crestone helps individuals master their own emotions surrounding money.

Eric Kramer, Founder & CEO