Two decades of perfecting unique, highly-curated and game-changing client events by bringing together the Crestone Collective. The difference is within the relationships.

Industry-Specific Summits

Highly-curated group of industry-specific founders, CEOs, investors and influencers from across the country for executive roundtables and networking.

Crestone CIS

There is finally an event where industry leaders can connect and share ideas to help the industry move forward.

-Summit Attendee

Crestone Speaker Series

Crestone CEO and guest speaker hosted webinars for clients to gain insight into the financial markets and their investment portfolios. 

Eric Kramer Crestone

Phenomenal guest speakers and content. Thanks for providing transparency and for bringing me closer to my investments.

-Webinar Attendee

Annual Investment Conference

Fall conference providing clients with greater insight into their investments, Crestone's investment philosophy and strategy, firm and team.

Investment Conference
Investment Conference

Provides an unparalleled combination of relevant presentations and discussion topics with incredible attendees to allow for meaningful content.

-Conference Attendee

Annual Finding Meaning in Money Conference

Spring conference focused on the qualitative and critical aspects of wealth - family, career, philanthropy, happiness and wellness.


It’s always hard to find inspiring, relevant, unique speakers. That’s the heart of this event. So, I admire your [Crestone’s] effort and success at keeping it fresh. 

-Conference Attendee

Third Thursdays

The best networking happy hours in Boulder overlooking the iconic flatirons with great conversation and live music.

Third Thursdsay
Third Thursdays

Hands down, the best happy hours in town!

-Third Thursday Attendee

Annual Holiday Party

Crestone celebrates the holidays with old friends and new friends in the heart of downtown Boulder.

Holiday Party