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Crestone Client Webinar: Eric Kramer and Michael McGowan, Crestone Capital

Eric Kramer, Managing Partner, CEO and CIO, Crestone Capital and Michael McGowan, Managing Director of Investment Research, Crestone Capital discuss machine learning, our market...

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Crestone Client Webinar: Eric Kramer, Michael McGowan and Miles Cooke, Crestone Capital

Eric Kramer, Managing Partner, CEO and CIO, Crestone Capital, Michael McGowan, Managing Director of Investment Research, Crestone Capital and Miles Cooke, Executive Director of...

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Crestone 15th Annual Finding Meaning in Money Highlights

Watch highlights of Crestone’s 15th Annual Finding Meaning in Money Conference – with speakers Kim Lear, Writer and Researcher, Dave Phillips, CEO/Founder Leadership Mentor, Oliver...

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Yanda Erlich, Chief Operating Officer at Weights & Biases

Yan-David (Yanda) Erlich is the COO & CRO at Weights & Biases, the developer-first MLOps Platform. He was previously a General Partner at Coatue, focused on the early stage venture...

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Oliver Burkeman, Author of Four Thousand Weeks

Oliver Burkeman is a British journalist and Sunday Times bestselling author who writes about the quirks and contradictions of human behaviour. He’s been a frequent columnist for...

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Dave Phillips, CEO/Founder Leadership Mentor

Dave Phillips is an experienced executive mentor and speaker for high performance CEO’s and business leaders across North America. His work covers topics in some of the most...

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Kim Lear, Writer and Researcher

Kim Lear is a writer, researcher, and founder of Inlay Insights. She is known for skillfully weaving eye-opening statistics, insightful stories, and relevant case studies to make...

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