As an Analyst of Business Intelligence, Phil is responsible for assisting the firm with the implementation innovative finance software solutions for Crestone clients and associates. 

In his role, Phil delivers scalable and stable solutions by addressing technology and business challenges. He helps provide meaningful customer experiences by executing digital transformation within the firm.

Phil received a Bachelor of Computer Science from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

What do you love most about being part of Crestone?
My coworkers and the clients. There is a hardworking and need to improve mentality throughout which is encourages me to be my best self.
What is your favorite book or what’s the most influential book you’ve read?
Favorite book: Timequake, Vonnegut
Most influential: Four Views on Free Will, Martin, Kane, Pereboom, Vargas
What are you passionate about personally?
I’m passionate about music, the outdoors, and machine learning. If I don’t have a guitar or computer in my hands, I’m most likely climbing rocks.